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Olejov filtr 0013 BOSCH Ford Escort Focus Ka Mondeo Tournero Transit Chrysler PT Cruiser

0013 BOSCH - olejov filtr
24 msc
Benzn 1.6i 16V 66 KW (8/96-9/00)
Bn cena:
195.00 K
161K bez DPH
195K s DPH
111K bez DPH
134K s DPH
-31 %

Popis produktu Olejov filtr 0013 BOSCH Ford Escort Focus Ka Mondeo Tournero Transit Chrysler PT Cruiser


- olejov filtr

- pro motory - 1.6i 16V, 1.8i 16V, 2.0i 16V, 2.3i, 2.4i

Zvit: 3/4-16 UNF

Vnj prmr: 78,90 mm

Vka: 123 mm

Ureno pro vozidla:


PT Cruiser - pro motory 2.4i








MONDEO II / Kombi / Sedan

Orion III


Scorpio II



- pro motory - 1.6i 16V, 1.8i 16V, 2.0i 16V, 2.3i, 2.4i


Alternativn produkty k Olejov filtr 0013 BOSCH Ford Escort Focus Ka Mondeo Tournero Transit Chrysler PT Cruiser

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