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Motorek stra 0039 EUROPARTS Seat Alhambra Ford Galaxy VW Sharan

0039 EUROPARTS - motorek stra
obvykle 1 den
24 msc
istn skel a svtel
Bn cena:
9111.00 K
7593K bez DPH
9187K s DPH
4246K bez DPH
5138K s DPH
-44 %

Popis produktu Motorek stra 0039 EUROPARTS Seat Alhambra Ford Galaxy VW Sharan


Motorek s integrovanou dc jednotkou

Napt: 12V

Poet konektor v zsuvce: 5

Ureno pro vozidla:

Ford Galaxy

Seat Alhambra

Volkswagen Sharan - jen pro auta (5/2001 - 8/2008)

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